G5 Sings! 

Recently we ran a poll for which song should be recorded as a community track, and the happy and hopeful Beatles track ‘With a little Help from my Friends‘ came out on top. It’s a great sentiment for the time we’ve all been going through, and really chimes with us that we’re pulling this community track together with a little help from our Friends at Live from Oor Livingroom!

If this song wasn’t your first choice please don’t get too downhearted, we are hoping to do more community tracks in the future, so make sure you follow us online to get your nominations in for future tracks

So what’s next? 

We have found a way to be able to record all of our vocal tracks separately, and these will be brought together and edited into our final track. A few points about this:
  • We have found an app called Virtual Choir Recorder which allows us to record individually and remotely. You will need headphones, a tablet or smartphone, and 99p to upload your track(s). You can see a video explaining how this works below. (Please note there is one error at 2:51 where the voice over instructs you to go to ‘my recordings’, please go to ‘new recordings’ instead.)
  • Virtual Choir Recorder charges to upload tracks, so we’ve decided that for every 99p that is spent by you to send tracks to us, we will donate £1 to Friends of Southern Necropolis. If you don’t know who they are already, they are an incredible group of local volunteer heros who share and promote the historical, educational, ecological and environmental assets of the Southern Necropolis cemetery. With COP26 happening this year we felt like it was a good moment to support some fantastic community-led activity in green space in the Gorbals.
  • You’ll find the lyrics here you may find it helpful to have another device you can look at them on. If you don’t have another device and you are looking for a printed copy of the lyrics sheet we can arrange getting this to you, so please get in touch if this would be helpful.
  • Once you have uploaded your tracks please don’t forget to cancel your Virtual Choir Subscription or you will be charged 99p per month going forward.
  • We know that digital devices aren’t everyone’s best friend. If you are getting stuck with any part of using the app or you need to borrow some headphones, then get in touch, and if this method of recording just isn’t going to work for you please let us know. We may be able to organise a limited number of individual recording sessions in person for those who really need them.
  • You have until Monday 13th September to upload your track. Please upload as many versions as you like (it will all fall within a single 99p charge for the month) and we’d also be delighted if you wanted to send us a track for ‘I’m still Standing’ by Elton John, another great anthem for the times we are in.

Want to know more?

Message us on social media or email laldiecommunity<<AT>>gmail.com (using @ symbol)