As we reflect on the last financial year, we are delighted with all we have managed to achieve during such a difficult time.  Between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021 209 participants took part in our activities and 13 people volunteered with us.  

We ran the following activities: 


Sing for Life:  

  • 21 Facebook Live sessions which had an average of 334 views per video. 
  • 11 zoom sessions which were attended on average by 9 people a session. 
  • 35 ‘Choir in a Box’ to reach participants who couldn’t make it online. (Spring and Dec ‘20).


Strum for Life:

  • 97 guitar tuition videos shared on our Facebook page. 
  • 10 zoom sessions attended on average by 7 people. 


Sing for Health:

  • 42 zoom sessions attended on average by 9 people in Daniel House living with additional support needs. 


Singing in Dementia Units:

  • 22 personalised playlists for residents. 
  • 5 zoom sessions attended by 7 people on average.


Singing in Sheltered Housing:

  • 28 personalised playlists.
  • 14 online zoom sessions attended on average by 20 people. 


G5 Kids Choir: 

  • 18 zoom sessions and reached 23 children. 
  • made a private website for them to use which is accessed by 27 young people.  


Guitar for Beginners and Inters (Young people): 

  • 41 zoom sessions and reached 11 young people.
  • private website which was accessed by 13 young people. 

Despite the difficulties we have faced this past year during the Covid 19 pandemic, we have managed to facilitate positive changes for people. 


Improved Health and Wellbeing. 

Practitioners have noticed the following changes: 

“I observe is how much more they smile as the session develops. They smile more, they laugh, move, and their body language becomes less self-conscious and more natural and comfortable. People are so happy they can see each other, talk to each other, and look out for each other from one week to the next.”

“Occasionally an individual has seemed a bit low / anxious at the start of sessions and in our opening chat has perhaps commented that they are having a bad week or struggling a bit with things and it is great to see their demeanour improve as the session progresses by engaging with the rest of the group and focusing on the music content and their playing.”

“In both Moffatt Street and McNeill Street Dementia Units the residents are animated and engaging with the sessions. There is an obvious shift in mood with some of the residents as they have fun and sing. Some dance. There is also a shift in mood with some of the staff who engage with the sessions.”

Participants have told us: 

“thoroughly enjoyed today’s session. It’s so good to see the folks smiling, enjoying themselves and looking happy. Thank you both so much. These sessions are so important for our wellbeing, self-esteem, confidence and, do bring lots of joy and happiness.”

“The sessions make me feel full of joy, and lifts our spirits, and I feel I can take on the world.”

“For me in lockdown it’s been one of the few things to look forward to in the week. You remember what day it is because it’s Thursday and you’re gonna have this group, and I like seeing everybody in the group.”

Increased Confidence and Skills

Practitioners have observed:

“I have noticed an improvement in people’s confidence to speak up and air their opinions as well regarding how easy / difficult they have found a particular song or exercise we have been doing.”

Participants have told us: 

“I learned how to use technology better. I used to know nothing about it and now I know everything.”

“I now know how to do a round, do a harmony and write a song.”

“I learned how to play Good Riddance and now I am practising every day.”

Improved Connections

Practitioners have observed:

“There is great camaraderie within the group and I think it does everyone the world of good to be greeted enthusiastically by the other members when they join the session.”

“It’s been great for me because I probably couldn’t get down the road to be in person anymore so thank you for putting this on, I’m very grateful.”

Participants have told us: 

“I really liked making new friends and learning new songs.” 

“Thank you for the CD, the tea and the biscuits. I sing along with it and it gives me a real lift. My neighbours have been listening in and have told me I am a good singer so that’s good. Keeps me practising”


“Thank you for choir in the box – it stops us from drifting too far apart. It makes you feel thought of and that’s important.”


We were also pleasantly surprised to find the following unanticipated positives of online working:

“It’s given me confidence. Having to sing out on my own has been really good for making me sing out on my own and actually I think my tunefulness has marginally improved because of the practice, and because nobody can hear me, I’m happy to sing out. Maybe because of lockdown I’ve practiced singing alone much more. If it had been a group of people, I would maybe tone it down a bit. That’s been a real unexpected positive for me.”

“I was sceptical about doing this on the zoom because I like to see everyone in the room, but I must admit I do get more from the zoom session because when everybody’s in the room I sometimes don’t see where Neil’s at or focus properly. I love being in the room and playing with everybody and singing with everybody, that’s a great thing but from a learning perspective this way here is cracking, and the videos are just second to none by the way. The sheets on that google thing, I haven’t had the chance to scratch the surface with them but everything I did touch on it’s just been amazing.”

“They really enjoy this way of communication, it really has been a huge success. They are talking about wanting to do other sessions online now they have the confidence and experience of doing it with Givin’ it Laldie”


Sheltered Housing

During this year we also hired Chani Bond into the new role of Community Development Officer. She started her post with us in January and we are very pleased with the contribution she is making to the organisation.  She has helped us to improve our communication, plan bigger events such as two summer schools for children and return to in-person working safely after supporting the running of the groups online. We look forward to seeing how this role continues to evolve and support the vision of the organisation.


We are so excited for everything to come and thankful for the amazing work everyone on the GiL team is doing in the Gorbals!