Following the changes in restrictions and guidance and from the Government, and availability of free testing, we are adapting our approach. As of now we will no longer be requesting proof of a negative result prior to attending sessions. Likewise we will not be requesting that people wear masks whilst moving around the building, however we would suggest that if you are comfortable in continuing to do this it would be considerate to others to do so. 

We will however request that those with symptoms associated with Covid do not attend sessions. If you do have similar symptoms caused by seasonal allergies etc we will ask that you test prior to attending, or we will have tests available for you.

We will be taking people’s temperature as they enter the building, and if you have an above average temperature we would request that you either take a test (which we will provide) or choose to not attend the session.

We will continue to encourage social distancing in the session, particularly if you are not wearing a mask, and we will continue to space out the chairs. We will also continue to ventilate the space.

We understand that there are many people who are feeling more confident about their safety in relation to Covid, however overwhelmingly feedback from many participants has been that they have felt safer to take part in group music because of the precautions we have been taking since returning to face-to-face activity.
We are hoping to strike a balance here, but understand that in doing that, many people may feel it falls short of their individual wishes. From our perspective we hope that we can continue to keep everyone as safe as possible! As a small team who interact with a large number of people, some of whom are vulnerable, it is important that we do everything we can to avoid being a link in a chain of Covid transmission, or indeed having to cancel a lot of sessions! As such, we call on you to help us continue to keep people feeling safe while they give it laldie!

If you have any feedback you would like to give us, then please get in touch. We understand that people may have individual thoughts they would rather not share in a group setting.