Hello, my name is Michelle, I lead the creative ageing programme for Givin’ it Laldie. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Scottish Power for their support this year, as we reflect on all the wonderful creative ageing projects in the Gorbals.

We have had some lovely events across the Sheltered Housing community. The best thing about my job, is that I get the chance to work with the same people regularly, which allows me the time to get to know the tenants well and create themed shows and source repertoire that suits everyone’s interests. This year alongside pianist James, we performed 25 shows across the sheltered housing community in Northgate, Silver Fir Court, and Blackfriars Sheltered Housing complex.

Some recent feedback: ‘I enjoy the Sheltered Housing shows immensely because, these shows bring people together, we all have loads of fun, lots of laughter and importantly these shows lift folk’s moods and also, builds up confidence, self- esteem and having a sense of wellbeing which is imperative. Personally, speaking I have always been met with kindness and sincere friendship which I greatly appreciate. Continuing this project dispels folk’s feelings of isolation and loneliness plus, enhances a feeling of belonging. When the shows finish I feel happy, joyful and a sense of peace within myself.

An older man in a peaked cap and glasses is reading from a small book. He is wearing a checked shirt and black jacket. His is pointing his finger forward and wearing a ring on his middle finger.


I love this picture of Michael performing at our Burns themed show. Michael did the bard proud, reciting Tam O’ Shanter and A Man’s a Man for a’ That.





There is a man in a white polo shirt, cowboy hat and sunglasses sitting in a chair. He is singing and looking at the camera.



Pictured here is Joe, a wonderful character,  singer and a great friend to all. Joe is performing one of his hits ‘Galway Bay’.





There are two people in the pictures. A young man is standing up, wearing a black shirt. He has glasses. He is facing to the side and has both his hands raised up in front of him. He is smiling. He is looking at an older women, who is wearing a white hat, glasses and a zipped up fleece. She is smiling and also has both her hands up. She is sitting and looking at the man.


This is Connie, a tenant at the sheltered housing who absolutely loves singing just as much as we love hearing her sing. She has a wealth or repertoire and is great fun. Here is a picture of Connie serenading James (piano) with ‘Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye’!




There are many more tenants who love to perform and others attend as they enjoy the music and getting together with their neighbours once a month. It really is a great occasion. We have loved getting to know some new residents this year and it has been great seeing them settle into the sheltered housing community.

‘This is my first time coming along to a show, I only moved in a few weeks ago. I thought it would be good to come and get to meet people, my new neighbours. I love music. I’ll definitely be coming back the next time ye are here. That has really cheered me up and it’s something to be looking forward now and everyone was so lovely’.

There are 9 older women sitting around a table. They are all holding a red rose, There are biscuits in the middle of the black table. They are smiling at the camera.

Tenants with limited mobility and heath conditions, who may be unable to go out and about,  attend these shows as we bring them to their community room. It’s great that neighbours get to socialise together, and some tenants invite their friends along.

As well as the monthly shows, I visit the sheltered housing weekly and have had so much fun with the ladies in Devon Street and Northgate. We have explored so many different genres of music over this past year and I’ve attempted to do some crotchet!! Although, this may have been a little less successful than the singing! I’ve dropped many stiches to the frustration of the ladies! I’ll keep trying.



Here is Jenny with her statue of Molly Malone which she brought along for one of our themed sessions in the sheltered housing.

I would like to thank Mary Hanna who does amazing work across Devon Street, Northgate and Silver Fir Court sheltered housing. Mary is the glue that holds this project together supporting me to curate these events. I would also like to thank Eleanor at Blackfriars Sheltered Housing for her continued support.




A young women in a dress is standing and reaching her right hand towards an older man sitting in a wheel chair. He is wearing a black jumper and trousers. He is singing and reaching his band back towards the woman to shake it

I visit McNeill Street and Moffat Street Dementia Units every week and it has been a privelage spending time working with new residents and their families. I’ve enjoyed getting to know new residents this year and learing about them and their interests while continuing to connect with the long term residents. Sadly, we have lost some much loved folk this year and remember them fondly and all the times we have had together. I would like to thank the staff in Moffat Street and McNeill Street for thieir kindness and support. This is a picture of me with John in Moffat Street Dementia Unit.