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There are two ways you can financially support the work we do:

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Become a Friend

The donations we receive are vital to helping us ensure we are bringing the benefits of music making and singing to people in the Gorbals! We use them to pay our amazing staff team, put on community performances with our partners, purchase the resources and equipment we need to make the sessions fun and interesting, ensure we are meeting all our legal requirements and cover all our core costs. 

Music has the power to make real positive changes in our lives. It can help us connect with others, have fun, learn new things, improve our confidence and develop a shared purpose. We offer this opportunity to everyone in the Gorbals by running relaxed, welcoming music and singing groups. 

All sessions are free

No previous knowledge or experience of music is required 

We make sure to run sessions in an inclusive, accessible way. 


What’s even more exciting is that your donations allow us to be responsive to the needs of our music groups, partners and wider community. For example, if we are asked to run music sessions in a local sheltered housing unit, or a children’s after-school club but we don’t have the money from funders to do it we can use the money you give us!


We like to keep in touch with our Friends to keep you informed of all the great things we are doing, invite you to our performances and other opportunities that arise. Please click on the Privacy Note below to read about how we process your data.


“I feel more socially connected with a sense of purpose. My guitar skills have improved and it led me to find other similar groups,”

“My daughter has been happier and more active since joining the guitar class”

“I’m alot happier. My stress has reduced and I feel more confident.”

“I can’t put into words how much you have done for my wife and I. We love it when you come to do the singing at the unit.”

“I feel more socially connected with a sense of purpose. My guitar skills have improved and it led me to find other similar groups,”

Thank you and if you have any more questions about the Friends of Laldie scheme please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 0141 280 0053.


Become a Friend of Givin’ it Laldie and contribute to our work. Help us ensure that the benefits of singing and music making in the Gorbals continue and grow, by making a regular donation by Direct Debit.




Eligible UK taxpayers can also GiftAid, meaning that a donation of £100 is worth £125 to Givin’ It Laldie. To get started, click the button below:


Become a Friend


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