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'Here Comes the Sun' - Gorbals Children's Choir

The Gorbals Children's Choir is one of the many projects that Givin' it Laldie has the pleasure to run in the Gorbals, Scotland.

Gorbals Children's Choir - 'There's Lilt in the Song'

From the Gorbal's Children's Choir concert and ceilidh 2016. "Of Kith and of Kin, we're one Be it right, be it wrong If only our hearts beat true To the lilt o' the song" (Hugh Roberton)

Gorbals Community Choir - 'Weeping may endure for the Night'

The Gorbals Community Choir remind us that weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning!



Entertaining the crowds at St Francis centre ! Not much longer to vote for us! GivinitLaldie photo

Come and vote for us today so we can continue making music in the Gorbals!!!!
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Gorbals Ideas Fund @GorbalsIdeas
Today's the day! Come along and show the Gorbals some #love - pop in, grab a cuppa, a sandwich and chat to the local projects and people looking for your support! #participatorybudgeting #goodaboutgorbals
@NicolaSturgeon @GCHSCP @StFrancis_PS @Soryia @GivinitLaldie @SEALGlasgow

We will be there! Please come down and vote for our project!
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Gorbals Ideas Fund @GorbalsIdeas
There's 17 amazing ideas being showcased at our event on #ValentinesDay2019 - make a date with us this Thursday to show the Gorbals some #love! #participatorybudgeting #goodaboutgorbals
@Soryia @Belic @alisonthewliss @MhairiHunter @StFrancis_PS @SEALGlasgow @GorbalsMensShed

Our family beginners guitar class is back up and running !!!! Beating the January blues ! GivinitLaldie photo

We took a quick moment to reflect on how amazing last year was at Givin it Laldie!